Why should a customer choose you? Why not the other guy? You have a story to tell but sometimes words cannot convey what a smile can. As many actor coaches say, “Show. Don't tell.” At Coral House Productions, we believe in this quote.

We can strengthen your brand awareness to your clients by showcasing not only what you do, but how and why you do it. When people put a face to a name, they build a relationship that can instill confidence.

Slalom Consulting takes pride in their people. This video showcases the thoughts the women of Slalom.

eCommerce videos provide customers with a first hand look at a product that is currently on a 2D screen. An eCommerce video creates a visual reality that will empower a shopper with product knowledge and the confidence they need to commit to that purchase.

Sure. Shopping online provides convenience in our lives, but it also lacks the real life product demonstrations that one might get in a brick and mortar shop. It also eliminates the personal interaction you could have to convey how your product works or other important product information.

In addition, searches related to “how to” on YouTube grew 70% from 2014 to 2015. When people shop online, it isn't enough to read a description or look at a photo these days. Shoppers want the confidence with their purchase. 52% of consumers are more confident in a purchase after watching a product video. Coral House Productions will help you build a compelling short story of your item giving customers the confidence purchasing experience. With a better informed customer, you can exceed your sales goals, increase your conversion and retention rates and experience fewer returns. With well-crafted eCommerce videos, you can build trust between your brand and your customers that lead to long relationships and reoccurring purchases or referrals.


Nothing has a stronger influence over shoppers than that of a peer review. When someone shares their experience with a product or a person, it can sway a customer's opinion whether it is positive or negative. Millennials trust user-generated content 50% more than content generated by brands. Research shows that 82% of shoppers say that user-generated content is extremely important when deciding on purchases. Coral House Productions can help you showcase your company or product with real life customer feedback while highlighting why other clients should choose you.

Vynamic shares their experience with Franklin Covey's Helping Clients Succeed Program.

Waste Management reviews their experience with Franklin Covey and their Helping Clients Succeed Program.


Coral House Production's film debut, The Last Light's Official Teaser Trailer. 

PLOT: A young girl's life is taken and the suspect is arrested, but the void left behind envelopes the already-struggling Kingston family. When Karen Kingston finds herself on the dark road of grief, she is forced to confront the tragedy head-on in order to find the light that will guide her to redemption.


The Last Light has won the Audience Award in the Seattle Post Alley Film Festival 2014!

The film also premiered on the East Coast at the Brooklyn Girl Film Festival where it was received with wonderful feedback.

Official Movie Poster

Official Movie Poster