Video Production Rates

Wondering how much? Here is our pricing guide to get you started.

Each marketing campaign is different and the needs can vary. At Coral House Productions, we strive to make budget planning as easy as possible. So we've put together a downloadable one-page Video Production Rate Guide to give you a ballpark of our services.

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Please consider, there are a few things that can affect how much your video will cost. Variables can include:

  • Complexity of the content needed

  • Length of your video

  • What is your timeline?

  • Is a script needed?

  • Number of locations

While we do have package deals that can save you money, each client has different goals and we like to tailor a quote to your specific needs and budget. So to give us a better idea of what you are looking for, please fill out the form below and we will respond as quickly as we can.

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What we bring


Coral House Productions provides creative services from script to screen. Our goal is to tell your story in a visually compelling video, photos, blog article or social media posts that will engage customers while getting the most ROI and increase customer retention.

We help business owners and marketing teams formulate a digital or video marketing strategy by identifying the company's needs and how a specific topic can assist in making this goal a reality. This includes a complimentary phone consultation to discuss the deployment of timelines, channel options and website integrations. We execute both on-location and in-studio production and finish all post-production work in-house.

Owner and Creative Director, Jennifer Cummins, has a well-rounded work experience that includes marketing sports to cremation urns; to education and leisurely vacation cruising. She is a Coast Guard spouse who has traveled all over the world and has over 12 years of video production experience.

Services include:

Script writing

Content Development



Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Management


Graphic Design

Coral House Productions deploys your final video via Youtube or other 3rd party hosting sites which allows you to deliver your message across multiple marketing platforms. All of our videos are search engine optimization friendly with keywords tailored to your consumers.


Small Budget or

Short on Time?

We work with small businesses and limited budgets. As a small business ourselves, we want to help as much as we can. That's why we've come up with a low-cost video option.

Low-Cost Video Option:   $600

Most professional marketing videos used by companies can cost over $3000+. Investing in a professional marketing video is important to make your company stand out from the noise. But sometimes, small businesses don't have large budgets to work with. That is why we have decided to produce a low-cost video option for small business, non-profits and single entrepreneurs. We will work with you to develop a video that can be shot and edited in ONE DAY! This can cut an estimate in half!

See details below:

  • You must be a Savannah, GA local or within 40 miles. Currently, we do not have the capabilities to film further than that. However, if you already have video footage we could use, we can take a look at it and decide where to go from there.

  • These videos are all about keeping a very precise production schedule. From concept to delivery, the entire production needs to take less than a day to create the video. The filming process can only take up to an hour to allow ample time for editing. While filming, we put together your company's story with just a few questions which will lead to the answers that will create your own script.

  • Please understand that you must be willing to relinquish creative control to us and trust we will deliver a video that tells your story. We make a point to thoroughly discuss goals and opinions during our initial consultation to ensure we stay true to your brand and message. Since this video is on a strict schedule, you will not get a script to approve or a preview video that allows you to ask for changes in the final video. If you would like the option for feedback/revisions, there will be an additional charge for the time it takes to make those changes.

  • What you get - Video runtime will be limited to :60 second runtime. Setup will be with one camera, one microphone and a tripod. Additional time or equipment is available for additional fees.

This process cuts down on a lot of the time it takes in post-production. If you prefer to have more creative control in one of these low cost videos, we recommend our full-service video services instead. To date, all of our clients have been very happy and satisfied with the work we have provided.

The Low-Cost Video option - $600

If you refer a client and they book, you will receive a 10% coupon to apply to your next video. Call or email us today and we can get you started!